Grünes Gütesiegel für Atomenergie?
Nein Danke.

Politische Schlagkraft zurückgewinnen: NEIN zum 2. Delegierten Rechtsakt der Taxonomie-Verordnung. Offener Brief an EU-ParlamentarierInnen von fünf europäischen Organisationen. 

Im März 2022 haben sich die PLAGE und die Organisationen atomstopp atomkraftfrei leben! (Österreich), Réaction en Chaîne Humaine (Frankreich), Don't Nuke the Climate (International) und NOAH Friends of the Earth Denmark (Dänemark) mit einem Offenen Brief an die Abgeordneten des EU-Parlaments gewandt. Wir haben die EU-ParlamentarierInnen darin aufgefordert, FÜR eine Taxonomie ohne Atomenergie zu stimmen. Text: Julia Bohnert, PLAGE


Regaining Democratic Clout: NO to the 2nd Delegated Taxonomy Act                         

Ladies and gentlemen of the European Parliament,

as representatives of five renowned European civil society organisations and as committed, dedicated European citizens, we are deeply concerned about the very nature of the process regarding the complementary Delegated Act on the inclusion of certain nuclear and fossil gas activities in the European Taxonomy.

Scandalous Double Rip-Off

In our point of view, the European Parliament is at the heart of democracy in Europe. Citizens put all their trust in the workings of the respective MEPs and in the functioning of the Parliament as the only directly elected and mandated legislative body. As co-legislator, we expect the Parliament to fully represent us and our needs when it comes to making policy choices and adopting essential legislative acts.

The inclusion of nuclear and gas in the Taxonomy has been a highly controversial and sensitive issue for months. The European Commission transmitted a Draft Delegated Act to the Member States late on New Year’s Eve foreseeing a very limited, later on extended period of consultation.

Before its adoption and in view of a tight deadline for comments, the EP as co-legislator was more informed than consulted on the draft. Exchanging views on the draft – not welcome. Although, in essence, the draft represented an essential and precedent-setting part of legislation. There are many indications that the Commission has exceeded its power to revise “non-essential parts of legislation” via Delegated Acts in this case. The Parliament’s real power is now reduced to say Yes or No to an integral part of European legislation. Deliberately?

Furthermore, citizens do have much to say on nuclear and gas. We are stakeholders and we expect to be consulted on the second Delegated Act according to the Better Regulation Guidelines. Why was the public consulted on the first Climate Delegated Act and not on the controversial inclusion of nuclear and gas? Why has the debate of the inclusion of nuclear, in particular, been totally “outsourced” to non-independent, EURATOM-related bodies (JRC; EUR Article 31 Group of Experts) while the Parliament has already passed a unanimous notion not to include nuclear in the taxonomy? Another deliberate act to obscure the importance of a highly contested economic activity and to bypass inconvenient stakeholders such as the Parliament and the public? Preaching democratic-decision making and citizen participation at the “Conference of the Future of Europe” and acting deaf to the involvement of Parliament and citizens on essential legislation at the same time? 

YES to a credible and science-based Taxonomy – NO to the 2nd Delegated Act

No matter what your stance on these technologies is, we strongly appeal to you to object the 2nd Delegated Act including nuclear and gas in the Taxonomy or/and to revoke the delegation. This would represent an act of regaining democratic clout – for the European Parliament and for us citizens. We count on you and appreciate all your initiatives to achieve a majority against this destructive part of the Taxonomy!

Fotocredit: pixabay